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Voice & Swallowing Evaluations & Therapy

We take a holistic approach to evaluating and treating individuals looking for help with communication disorders. We begin by identifying our client's goals and learning style to deliver personalized services. Each speech therapy session combines evidence-based exercises with functional activities (role-play, conversation, presenting, eating/drinking trials) to help our clients learn, practice, and integrate new skills into their daily lives. 

It is our commitment to create a safe space for our speech therapy clients, ensuring they feel heard and understood regarding their goals for Speech therapy. We have a sincere interest in learning about clients’ hobbies, interests, and family so we can incorporate therapy tasks around these topics. Home exercise programs are also provided as a part of our therapy and coaching, allowing clients to continue making progress between sessions. 

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medical voice


Do you find you are coughing or choking when eating or drinking?

Depending on what is triggering your swallowing issue (reflux/GERD, cervical spinal surgery, stroke,  Cancer, ALS, Parkinson's disease), the treatment will be customized for your specific needs

  • Understand the specific cause of your swallowing trouble

  • Learn how  to decrease impact of chemoradiation 

  • What are appropriate exercises for you

  • What compensatory strategies are best for you

  • What is the safest/least restrictive recommendation for food and/or liquid 

  • How to decrease your risk for aspiration pneumonia

  • How to decide on strict use of feeding tubes, or eating/drinking for pleasure/quality of life

We provide you with training so you will know ALL the signs of food or liquid going down the wrong "pipe," how to decrease these risks, eat and drink safely, 

and make ethical decisions balancing safety with quality of life.  

Voice Therapy

Hoarse, weak or raspy voice? Dealing with vocal nodules or muscle tension dysphonia?  Neuro Speech & Voice combines medical speech pathology and professional voice coaching approaches to help clients maximize results.  You will improve  your voice by learning how to: 

  • Use Diaphragm to improve vocal breath support and control

  • Release Laryngeal tension/soreness

  • Decrease inflammation/reduce risk of scarring on vocal folds

  • Learn forward resonance to decrease vocal strain

  • Program to decrease muscle tension and vocal strain

  • Identify if acid reflux is impacting your voice, and how to decrease symptoms through lifestyle management

We are certified in LSVT, an evidence-based speech therapy approach for people with Parkinson's and similar conditions.

transgener voice

Gender Affirming Voice & Communication

 Get experienced guidance in finding your authentic voice in a vocally healthy and effective manner. We have worked with individuals with voice goals ranging from gender neutral to feminine or masculine. We are proud allies of the LGBTQIA community, and strive to provide research-driven strategies to keep your voice healthy and empower you to confidently communicate. Gender affirming voice therapy will teach you skills such as:

  • How to safely elevate or lower your pitch

  • Avoid vocal strain while attaining your goal sound

  • Adapt your articulation and speech rate to more gender specific norms.

  • How to habituallly create natural vocal inflection

  • Incorporating Non-verbal communication (facial expression, body language) in your expression of self.

Voice Coaching & Accent Reduction

For Singers, Actors, Audiobook Narrators, & Other Professionals

Coaching sessions will be designed to address your specific voice goals:

  • Improve vocal tone

  • Master pitch modulation to hold your listener’s attention

  • Present in a dynamic or authoritative manner

  • Sound more assertive

  • Implement a vocal hygiene routine

  • Improve vocal health, speech clarity, voice projection

  • Increase the clarity of your message

  • Improve your American English accent

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